Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today On Simple Mom: Cooking with Kids

Last month I joined Tsh at Simple Mom as her food columnist and just want to say again how thrilled I am to support this emerging influential blog. You an catch me over there today discoursing about Six Ways to Thrive In the Kitchen with the Kids!

If you've cooked at all with your little ones, you know that it's not always a picnic. I've given some tips on how to organize yourself and get the most out of cooking with your children while still maintaining your sanity.

See you over there!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog. Glad to have discovered it.

Anonymous said...

Aimee, came here from SimpleMom and just have to say, the photos of food and kids are so beautiful I want to nibble on them! Do you have a flickr stream???

CookiePie said...

You're so perfect for this! I'm sure you will be teaching me a ton over the next few months and years... :)

Melissa said...

What a great article. I have big plans for my little Eli when he is older. I can't wait to share kitchen moments with him.

SimpleMom is great-thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Like the others, I followed you over here from Simple Mom. You have a gorgeous blog (and child.) Can't wait to read more.

Deborah said...

Great article, and I'm sure I'll be wasting some time on that site today!

Aimée said...

Hi Cheri- Welcome to Under the High Chair.I'm glad you discovered it too! Hope to see you around.

Hi CV Harquail- Thanks for making the jump from SM, nice to have you here! I don't have a flickr stream yet..but stay posted!

Hi Blond Duck- Thanks.

Hi CookiePie- Thankfully, mothering comes naturally to us and I'm sure you will do a stellar job!

Hi M.Houseman- Sounds like you are on the right track!

Hi Kirwin- You are most warmly welcomed here to UtHC! Thanks for reading.

Hi Deb- Oh, but any time spent on SM is not wasted--that is the beauty of it. Don't tell me she doesn't inspire you!!

Elyse said...

Yay! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of such a great blog!

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