Friday, November 24, 2006

Home with Friends. Good Friends.

With Danny away on business, it i’s amazing how fast I find myself reverting back to girly pre-marriage, ritualistic habits. Noah is fast asleep upstairs, and almost without thinking, I have changed into something cozy, reached for a pint of ice cream and a golden oldie girl movie. Yes, I ha’ve lit a few candles. It'’s almost like a sleepover, but I don't have to share the ice cream with anyone. Sweet!

After all, I have to take care of myself, right? I'’m holding down the fort, so to speak. With all that responsibility, a girl'’s gotta decompress.
There'’s no better way than with my friends, Ben and Jerry. Thanks for being there, guys!


Melanie said...

I love where you're comin from sister! Though, my personal icy boys choice would always and forever be "chubby hubby"......with absolutely no side cut to my slim jim, running machine of a husband! It's just the way it is!
I love those evenings..... hope you enjoyed it!

Michel Aumand said...

Bah... you lactose-imbibers!

Zaak said...

I'm totally into eating ice cream and watching Meg Ryan. Does that qualify me as a single woman? I guess I'm saved by the fact that I wouldn't have lit candles and my first choice of movie would have been Sleepless in Seattle.

[um, is your apostrophe key stuck?]

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