Monday, December 04, 2006

National Cookie Day

It has been brought to my attention that today is National Cookie Day. I did a quick check on my own, and sure enough, our friendly neighbours to the south call today their 'cookie day'. How fun that I posted all about cookies today (see next post) and had no idea.

But, humm, friendly Southeners, what is the deal with this 'National something Day' situation. Hasn't it gotten a little out of hand?
I mean...
National Stick A Plunger On Your Head Day?
Middle Name Pride Day?
Gazpacho Day?

What about "Panic Day"? I think I'd call in sick to work.
Now "Good Samaritan Day" I can see, but why 'National Pretzle Month"? They get a whole month??? I don't think they are that great. Not even chocolate dipped.
And while I would support "National No Beard Day"100%, I am baffled by "Toot Your Flute Day".

I'm not making any of these up. Check out the whole list for yourself here.
I guess some of them could be useful, like "National Sleep-In Day". You may want to look that one up.

Anyway, Happy National Cookie Day everyone, American or not.
Cookies Rule!


Zaak said...

Mayor Quimby, he's our man!

I hate pretzels. That verathane is so yucky.

Do cookies really need more recognition?

I'm officially against a "National No Beard Day."

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