Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cookies and More Cookies

I feel like I risk sounding redundant if I continue to write about how busy things are around here, but such is the case! We're on the home stretch toward the holiday, but I feel like it's been Christmas for weeks already. A few things that have been occupying my time over and above the usual holiday craze are...
--My small bake sale fundraiser that I organize every year with a friend raised over $500 that we will put toward providing food for needy families in our area.
--Noah made his theatrical debut as a shepherd boy in our church's children's Christmas musical. After weeks of practice, he sang and did the actions, but also behave rather mischievously on stage, much to mama's chagrin and the audience's delight.
--Christmas parties are well under way and I've enjoyed reconnecting with some old friends, not to mention dressing up and going out. (People do this all year long, apparently?)
--And then, sandwiched between two snowfalls, my annual cookie swap quietly came and went.

How nice to be well-stocked with an amazing assortment of baking! All the cookies were stellar and I was even introduced to a few new ones. Ginger-Lime Buttons, anyone? Yum!
It would have been hard to top last years' highly organized exchange that made the local paper, but this year was just as memorable. While I waited for the girls to arrive, I brewed my usual batch of mulled cider and set out platters to receive the cookies; I was reminded of what an easy party this was to host! I was so relaxed, as were the guests, and the afternoon slipped away rapidly as we ate cookies and chatted.
Many thanks to the girls who came out! We'll see you next year!

I'm hoping these photos will distract you from the fact that I have no cookie recipe for you. I know, I know, but by now, I'm sure you've either got your baking done or at least have your recipes picked out--you don't need mine, right?

Just a week to go until Christmas! There are some great things coming to this blog in the next few days so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic cookies -- wish my friends had the energy for a cookie swap! I think we use up what little creativity we have on our cookies for donation. Maybe we need to combine the two ideas.

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

They all look really good. We want the recipes. Ask your friends. I did not do a swap this year because I injured my leg. Maybe next year. I love those exchanges.

Michele Humes said...

Those button cookies are ridiculously cute. It's all perfect. Perfect! So perfect that I'm reminded of the imperfections of my own (heavily ramen-based, of late) diet.

Ok, so I clicked over and read that epic article about last year's swap, and I love that someone went through and calculated the calories for each cookie. I also love that the year before, they ran a piece called "The dark side of the cookie exchange"

Culinary Wannabe said...

The cookies all look so amazing!! Here I thought I might be a little Christmas cookied out and you go and reinvigorate me. :)

Ingrid_3Bs said...

I haven't been to a cookie swap! I wanna go to one! I really don't know anyone locally that enjoys cooking and baking.

The $500 you raised was that above your costs? That's pretty impressive. I've thinking of doing one to raise money for the Twins' baseball team. How did you determine (the 1st time) how much to bake? If you don't mind I might drop you an email?!

Thanks for not adding another recipe to my already out of control baking list! :-)

Anonymous said...

I hosted my first ever cookie exchange this year. It was a great success and I had a blast. We had everyone bring an extra dozen that we then sent on to a family in need who will be unable to do any of their own baking because of illness in the family. It felt good to be doing something for someone else and I now have a lovely assortment of baking waiting for guest to arrive.

Aimée said...

Hi Lydia- You could combine the two. I usually have my swappers bring a dozen or more to donate to my bake sale. It works well.

Hi Helene- Hope your leg is better soon. Wish I could swap with you!!

Hi Michele- I love that 'dark side' article! As for the calories, the paper prints the caloric intake for every recipe they print.

Hi Culinarywannabe- Glad to have inspired!! Get baking.

Hi ingrid- Feel free to pick my brain anytime.

Hi Michelle- Good for you! Hope we'll see some pic on FB.

Emily said...

No recipe? Aw man, all of the cookies look so good. Glad your swap was a success. It sounds like you're having a great Christmas.

alicia said...

Hi Aimee, my name is Alicia and I found your blog on Ralonda's Ramblings. She is a very old and dear friend of mine. We have been friends since the 7th grade. Anyway, I wanted to comend you on such a wonderful blogs spot. I am going to make the pumpkin cupcakes with maple icing for my mom on xmas day. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I just started my blog so it's pretty bare but I welcome you. Happy Holidays....Alicia

kickpleat said...

wow, super impressed!! i'm just starting now, if you can believe it...and i have to ship still a few packages back to ontario. oops!

Claudia said...

Uauuu! Amazing table. I am trying my best to bake seven different cookies until Christmas to be a little bit Norwegian and you make it all look so simple.

Your Christmas is really busy, isn't it? I go on the opposite direction, retreat from all the events that I can, a lot of time spend at home, the minimum amount of shopping possible to make it all very light and relaxing for the kids. We enjoy more if we do less but with a lot of eating of course...



LyB said...

No recipes? What? How could you, Aimée? Kidding! ;)

Everything looks delicious! I have been baking a lot of cookies and I'm sure if I bake one more kind of cookie my gang is going to cry "Uncle!" but I wouldn't mind having your recipes for next year. :)

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