Friday, February 27, 2009

Ten Things I've Learned About Food Bloggers

I'm surprised and thrilled by your response to this post--and a teeny bit relieved that you 'got it'. I really have the coolest bunch of readers!

To those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, catch up by reading my "Top Ten Things To Expect When Dining With A Food Blogger". Consider it a little weekend reading and do NOT skip the hilarious fifty or so comments where food bloggers bare their souls and make some surprising confessions.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Barbara said:
"Great post. I also get 'Aren't you taking a photo for your blog? Is our food not good enough to blog?' when we are dining at friend's houses."

Ouch! Is there any good answer to that question, Barbara? My pet peeve is when we're dining out with friends and they gush over their Chicken Parmesan "Ohh, take a picture of this for your blog!"
Why? Because people have never seen melted cheese sprinkled with parsley before?

Andrea said:
"I don't take photos when guests, even family, are visiting, though my husband asks me constantly, 'Did you photograph that?' before I serve anything to company. It's almost embarrassing!"

As if we would forget, right? That's when you blush, smile, and pretend you have no idea what he is talking about.

Kimberly said:
(at her child) " 'Hold on! Mommy forgot to take a picture! Can you please slide over? I need more light I know, you're hungry. Mommy is hungry too.' "

Kim! Are you scarring you children? Making them go hungry for the sake of a blog? Don't worry, sweetie, we've all been there.

Ah, we can't take ourselves too seriously now, can we?

Here are Ten Things I've Learned About Food Bloggers since writing the aforementioned post:

  1. We can laugh at ourselves. This is healthy.
  2. Our significant others put up with a LOT.
  3. We are dedicated to our craft, sometimes at the expense of family & friends.
  4. Surprisingly, some of us tend to be shy about working in front of guests.
  5. We have resigned ourselves to eating cold food. Now if only our S.O. would too; life would be so much easier.
  6. Somehow, this food blogging thing is having an effect on our young children and they may need some therapy later.
  7. We dream of a studio with good lighting, but for the most part, shoot on makeshift sets at random places all over the house.
  8. We know we're a little wacky.
  9. We're longing for summer with its lengthy evenings of soft natural light.
  10. Our kids are aspiring food bloggers (or think they are).
Thanks, everyone, for the great response! I'm thinking I may need to do a follow-up post...something along the lines of "Confessions of a Food Blogger". Feel free to start the therapy in the comments section below.

It seems we have a lot to get off our chests.

Stay tuned, I have a bevvy of desserts lined up for the week ahead. Brace yourselves!
For now, I've got to get going on chili for about 40 people. We're co-hosting a sledding party this weekend and I think I may even dust off my snowboard!

Have a great weekend!


Maria said...

I love these posts!! Everything is SO true!! We are whacky but in a good way:)

Andrea Meyers said...

So true! I had to move my studio to the basement over Christmas to make room in the dining room, and it's now in a space with zero natural light. Thank goodness for Ego lights.

Anonymous said...

I just started food blogging, and after just one week I can relate to almost everything on the list. It's totally addicting, I hope my husband can get used to eating cold food. I do, though, give him the "prettier" plate.

Anonymous said...

oh boy, numbers 5, 7 and 8 are painfully true. great insight - i needed a smile tonight!



Ingrid_3Bs said...

I loved your first post and this one is just as good. I don't even attempt to photograph and blog dinners. First my three children would riot and the second is my photos still need a ton of work (savory foods are not easy to make attractive).

Roving Lemon said...

The first post was great and the second one is even better! My current trick (we still have the long summer evenings here) is to serve husband and daughter, then take the blog item out to the deck for its closeup. They're still yelling, "Stop taking pictures and come in and eat!" but at least their mouths are full some of the time.

Emily said...

I'm telling you, we should have a food bloggers' convention! Think how much food that would be!

Looking forward to all your desserts

Anonymous said...

OMG, these are totally true! My husband patiently waits while I photograph every food thing I come across. Same with my kids and cookies. Wow!

Culinary Wannabe said...

What a great post - It's all so true! I usually have company over when I'm cooking something, since only 2 people makes for some serious leftovers, and am always trying to secretly snap photos without them noticing. They all know about my food blogging, but it's embarrassing to have them try and "pretty up" the plate or give suggestions on where to take the picture. I had one friend actually grab the camera and go on a spree!

Deborah said...

So true, and so funny!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

It's all so true. My son once asked, when I served him a hot dog for lunch, "Aren't you going to take a picture, Mommy?"

Treehouse Chef said...

At least I don't feel alone after reading this. I thought my husband was the only one feeling neglected.

Miss High Heels said...

Thank you for this post! I can't wait to show my fiancee. He thinks I have a major problem with the biggest symptom being the fact that I bake cakes simply to take photos of them.

Brilynn said...

It was a great post, I think us food bloggers are a bit on the quirky side...

Anonymous said...

Aimee -
I got my kids those little digital cameras for Christmas...V-Tech or something. Anyway, Christmas morning after all the presents were unwrapped, I found my 5 year old in the kitchen taking pictures of her food because "she was going to blog about it later". LOL. God love them!

Camille said...

All items on your list are so true and so funny! Around my house it is when I yell, "Don't eat that yet! I'm waiting for better light to take the pics!" that I get groans and grumbles from my three guys. They also "love" the post-it notes on food in the fridge and freezer.

Hillary said...

I am in complete agreement with Barbara! People think I'll blog about anything and everything and when I don't take photos, they get offended!

Delicious Dishings said...

Loved both your posts. I completely agree that significant others put up with a lot! I even posted about this a while ago... maybe some subconcious guilt over what I was putting my boyfriend through at meal time.

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