Monday, December 13, 2010

Winners, all of them

That you all for your patience; I know I've slacked off terribly in announcing the winners to my Phaidon Press cookbook giveaway.

I won't make you wait another minute. There are two winners, as promised:

Congratulations to....

Damaris Santos-Palmer of Kitchen Corners who said:

"I really hope I win this because I seriously want the kids cookbook so bad. Currently I'm enjoying Crazy About Cookies by Krystina Castella. So good!"


Sam of Gastronomists Weekly who said:

"I am currently baking my way through The Bread Bakers Apprentice by Peter Reinhart. Loving it and learning a lot about bread in the process :)."

Congratulations, ladies!! You have both been notified by email.

A warm thank you to each and everyone who entered the giveaway. I really wish I could award cookbooks to each of you. (please Santa!)

There was also another winner this weekend. Yesterday I hosted my annual Christmas cookie swap and we voted for the best cookie. Twelve girls each contributed the 'Best Cookie of their Lives' and let me tell you, the competition was fierce.

The wining cookie is pictured at the top of the post, Spice Cookie Sandwiches with a Lemon-Mascarpone Cream.

I was happy award the lovely Jess with her prize: The Gourmet Cookie Book. Congrats, Jess!

Look for a full report of the cookie swap soon. It's Here! It's Here!


Melissa said...

Totally unrelated to food...but I see you have prepared for the colder months w/ a warmer hair color???

When I moved to Idaho, every blonde became brunette after Thanksgiving. As a Texas girl-I had to get used to that! :)

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Both of you did a great job! Congratulations!

bellini valli said...

I love the idea of having a competition. I might incorpirate that next year.

Helene said...

We did an exchange but did not vote. I love the idea. Can you share the winning recipe?

Jackie said...

Lemon marscapone cream filling?? Reading that sent chills up my spine. To echo the previous comment, can you share the recipe, pretty please?

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