Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Up, Up and Away

My menu plan for this week listed only three dinners, Mon-Wed. Tomorrow Danny and I jet down south for a little getaway that will combine work and play - with plenty of great food you can be sure.

I'm attending BlogHer Food, a major conference for food bloggers, in Atlanta, Georgia. Danny has some work-related meetings on Friday and will crash a few BlogHer parties with me. We'll also meet up with some very dear friends from years gone by who live in the vicinity.

Oh, Thursday is also our wedding anniversary (9 years!), so a trip without the kids is much deserved. I'm particularly excited about dinner reservations at Empire State South; hot new resto, hot chef - and dining with no kids!

Why a blogging conference?
It's a fair question. And one that I get a lot. So, um, like what do you do there?

Well, like any conference, it is a chance to hone your skills by taking in the many sessions all tailored to your particular niche. Yep, I said 'niche'. You hear that word a lot at a blogging conference.

It's also an opportunity to network, put faces to avatars, shake hands and exchange a business card. Nothing beats face time when a good part of one's job description is building community.

I also intend to share some laughs (none of this virtual 'Lol' stuff) with good friends I have made. I'm meeting a food blogging mentor (we're doing dinner. someone pinch me, please.) for the first time, and I'm also looking forward to connecting with a long list of individuals I've been crushing on for some time.

Did I mention parties? And swag?
OK, that's not why I'm going, but obviously, it's all part of the fun. In the shot above I was at the 2011 Blissdom conference, headed to a party, and looking pretty happy about it, no?

So that's the update. Now I've got some packing to do.


Blessed Rain said...

Have lots and lots of fun!

Andrea Meyers said...

Aimee, it was so good to meet you finally! I wish we'd met earlier in the conference and had more time to chat. You're doing some wonderful work on Simple Bites and should feel very proud of it!


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