Thursday, November 03, 2011

Roasted Chicken & Bacon Skewers (Recipe to Riches feature)

Food-themed TV is the only television I tune in for, and even then, it's mostly watched online, commercial free. Last winter I gave 44 minutes of my week to Top Chef Canada and this fall it is Food Network Canada's fun new reality show, Recipe to Riches that's got me hooked.

In full disclosure*, my friend, the always-inspiring, Dana McCauley, is a judge on the show, so I'm not tuning in just to watch the hunky host Jesse Palmer. Honest!

While in Toronto recently for the Blissdom conference, I had dinner with Dana (at Pangaea, no less!) and she regaled us all with behind-the-scenes gossip from Recipe to Riches.

When the show aired three days later, of course I tuned in and a new weekly ritual was born. (Tip: If you want to catch up on Episodes 1 & 2 you can find them online.)

This week on Recipe to Riches, three contestants prepared appetizers and competed for the prize of $25K. New Brunswick native, John Grass swept the challenge with his Grilled Chicken Skewers.

I like to call them Spicy Chicken, Bacon and Havarti Skewers, and mine were roasted, not grilled. Basically, they rocked.

Bacon (I used thick-cut), Havarti cheese and thin slices of chicken are rolled up together, dusted with a sassy Cajun-like spice mix, and baked to a crisp. Talk about addicting.

These chicken skewers were created by a man, but hold plenty of appeal for all, especially this always-hungry pregnant mama. I can totally see them making an appearance over the upcoming holidays.

Noah even gave them the ultimate complement: "Mama, may I have these for my lunch tomorrow?" John Grass, I bet you weren't thinking 'school lunch' when you created these!

Head over to the Food Network's official Recipe to Riches recipe page to get the recipe for John Grass's winning appetizer recipe.

* Even fuller disclosure: Recipe to Riches is giving their official bloggers a $100 Loblaws gift cards to offset the time and money spent making the winning recipe and writing a blog post. The opinions expressed here are my own, of course!


Jan @ Family Bites said...

Good grief, those look good! I totally should've done this week's challenge :)

Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Wow you clearly were able to understand the recipe better than me. I had SO MUCH TROUBLE understanding what they were supposed to look like and by following the recipe (because I didn't understand it, normally I don't follow recipes so much), mine turned out more like pinwheels, roulades than fat little grenades like yours. They DO look addictive. Mine tasted great though but I like your name better :) Definite holiday party food.

Dana McCauley said...

I agree - your grenades are gastronomically correct! Nice work. And, thanks for tuning in to watch me. I hope Jesse won't be too sad to hear he's not the #1 draw!

Aimée said...

Jan - They were TOO good. Finger-licking. =)

Mardi - I think I read the recipe through like 6 times and still wasn't sure if I got it right!

Oh and I used green olives in place of the jalapenos, because I wanted my kids to try them. They made a great alternative.

Dana - Thanks! Coming from a judge, that makes my day. =)

Chocolatesa said...

The Food Network is being very frustrating, it didn't come up with any results when I typed "grilled chicken skewers" into the Recipes to Riches search you linked to, finally I had to google "Recipes to Riches grilled chicken skewer recipe" to find it.

Thank you for posting this! I'm gonna make a spice-less version of these on Sat. night for a party :D

bellini said...

I did see this episode, it looks liek a fun premise...amd you nailed the grenades.

aarushi2 said...

Insane Cooking Skills. Check out the quick hands this guy demonstrates while preparing some egg fried rice.

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