Sunday, September 17, 2006

Find of the Month: The Gryphon Tea Room

Yesterday we surprised Kevin’s fiancée, Melanie, with a bridal shower at a little tea room on Monkland avenue. What surprised me was how delightful this tea room was! It was a charming and intimate setting, the tea was always piping hot, and the food all homemade right down to the raspberry jam. I’ll definitely be going back for ‘high tea’ and bringing some ladies with me. It the perfect place to go if you want to wear that new sundress and fancy hat you bought!

Salon de the Gryphon 5968 Monkland Avenue, Montreal, Qc(514) 485-7377

Here's a picture of Princess-for-the-day-Melanie (in blue) with her two MIL's and SIL, Caroline. Some more wonderful sandwiches, too. Yum!


Michelle said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the shower. It was completely my intention to "introduce" the Gryphon to everyone. It's such a fabulous little place.

April said...

It looks lovely! I know a kid with the name Gryphon, interesting.

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