Monday, September 25, 2006

Weddings:Part I

Congratulations Eric and Caroline!
Danny and I having a tender moment during the wedding reception.=)

The Bourque immediate family. L toR: Richard, Danny and I, Chris, Michael, Eric and Caroline, Brian and Dorothy, Kevin and Melanie, Michel, and last but not least, Robert.

We welcomed a new member into the Bourque family on Saturday. Danny’s older brother Eric, married the beautiful Caroline and I now have another girl in the family to help balance out all the guys! I was having such a good time at the reception, I forgot to photograph the food, but it was delicious and nicely presented.

A brief summary:

Best moment: The bridal party and guests spilling out into the steps of the church on Sherbrook Street and hearing the bells pealing and seeing all the smiles and stares from people passing by.

Worst moment: Noah twice grabbing a fistful of my carefully coiffed hairdo in the church!

Most touching moment: Eric choking back sobs as Caro comes down the aisle.

Sketchiest moment: Eric’s 9-year-old cousin catching the garter and wearing it to the brunch the next morning. Aye!=) Too cute!!

Two more weddings to go.


Amber said...

Your dress is beautiful Aimee

April said...

It looked like a lovely fall wedding!

April said...

Two more?!

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