Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gastropod Restaurant

Under the High Chair Travels: Vancouver, British Columbia

I keep hearing about Vancouver's renewed restaurant scene and how an absurd number of new places have opened recently. If you are in Vancouver and are wondering which of these new establishments to try out, let me point you in the direction of Gastropod. Recently named Best New Fine Dining by Vancouver Magazine, this place is run by chef/owner Angus An, a personal friend of mine. We worked together at Montreal's Toque! and before last weekend it had been years since I had seen him as he has been working and gathering experience at London's Fat Duck Restaurant before returning to Canada and opening his place.
Danny and I enjoyed a four-star meal at Angus's cozy 4th Ave digs last weekend and can heartily recommend everything that he is sending out of the kitchen. Just see for yourself the beautiful presentation, generous portion sizes, and original use of ingredients. Believe me, these dishes tasted even better than they look.

B.C. Oysters with Horseradish 'Snow', Sauternes Jelly and Shallot Reduction

Gazpacho with Fennel Granite, Pesto and Garlic Crutons

Warm Chanterelle Salad with Favas, Sea Asparagus, Almond and Cider Vinegar

Soup of English Peas with Morels, Basil Sabayon, Parmesan Foam, and Egg Yolk Sous-Vide

Pan-Seared Foie Gras with a warm Lentil and Morel Salad

Slow-Cooked Ling Cod with Panko, Morels, Favas with confit Fingerling Potatoes

Wild Spring Salmon with Wasabi Sabayon and warm Citrus Bulgur Salad

Sloping Hill's Organic Pork Trio: Sausages, Pork Belly and Braised Shoulder with Wood Ear Mushrooms and Confit Carrots

Roasted Pigeon with Corn Puree, wilted Spinach, and grilled Corn Pudding.

Cheesecake Semifredo, Sable Breton and Blackberry Sorbet

Black Forest: Organic Okanagan Van Cherries filled with Chocolate Cream, thin Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Snow and Amaretto Ice Milk

Tarte au Citron with Lemon Thyme Ice Milk, Lemon Confit and fresh Basil

As you can see we were truly spoilt and all this was enjoyed by just the two of us, eating out like real adults while Noah slept peacefully back at Danny's aunt's. Thanks to Cathy for babysitting!And if you happen to get a night off from the kids, do visit this restaurant, you won't regret it.


Michelle said...

I cannot imagine thte two of you eating all that food! It looks incredible!

Belinda said...

Everything looks super fancy! And I'm really intrigued by that Black Forest Dessert. You just can't go far wrong with chocolate and cherries in a dessert, especially if the chocolate component is cake! :-)

Nora B. said...

I wish to be spoilt too! So many wonderful dishes but that one that captured my interest is the blackforest cake. It reminds me of a "deconstructed" blackforest cake I had at a restaurant. I'm thinking that I might want to recreat that.

Zaak said...


I need some numbers here.

Cost (even if it was on the house, what would it have cost?)?
How much time did the devouring take?
How many hours did it take following the meal to be hungry again?
How many days did you fast before visiting Gastropod?

Aimée said...

Hi Michelle- It WAS incredible and you would be surprised at how much we can eat. Remember, I am eating for two now. (Man, you better believe I'll get a lot of mileage out of that one over the next 9 months!)

Hi Belinda- The Black Forest was perfect-I though it might be too sweet, but the cake was almost bitter sweet chocolate and balanced the rest of the dessert out nicely.

Hi Nora- Go for it! It's about time someone reinvented this old classic.

Hi Zaak-
A tasting menu (like the one we had here) is $82 per person which included 7 dishes.
We started dinner around 9:15 and finished around 11:30. Not that long, eh?
Well, I'm pregnant and I was hungry by 11AM the next morning. Danny didn't eat the next day.
Ha ha. No fasting. Danny actually had a piece of pizza at 5 to tide him over. :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks and sounds delicious! Also great that you got out on an adults-only date. Couples with kids need to do that. It's a nice little break for the kids too, to be out from under the parental eye for a bit--our daughters came to see babysitters as paid friends. They would have dance parties with one in particular when we went out [they were seven and three at the time, so you can imagine how cute those parties must have been].

Anonymous said...

I will have to have dinner there next time we are in Van. I just got done looking at the website, and have to say your pictures look better than anything they have posted.

Tom said...

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