Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Garden Update 2

It's getting to be a jungle out there!

In brief:L to R from the top: Strawberry Flowers; Zucchinis in Bloom; Sweet William Border; Young Lettuce; Radishes; Corn and Tomatoes; Sage; Oregano, Onions and Broccoli in behind; Shed Entrance

We've been enjoying giant garden salads for a few weeks now; they are on the menu every evening. We've been having a wired mix of weather: cool rainy days mixed with cooking-hot days. Apparently it is a combination the garden likes, 'cause it's taken off and I can hardly keep up with the weeds.

I can't get the whole garden in the photo from my upstairs window, but here is a partial view. In just a few short weeks the greenery has gone from this:

to this!We're going to have some serious space issues, I can see.

Not everyone has to have space issues, though. Here's a cute birdhouse in my garden that is looking for some tenants. I comes complete with a tin roof and house number! Isn't it darling? My dad made it, but I didn't get it up in time for nesting season. Next spring!

I’ll leave it at that for today because I am sooo busy getting ready for the arrival of my parents this evening; they are traveling all the way from British Columbia!!

Remember my trip out West last summer? Well, now it's their turn to come visit us, meet the new baby and enjoy some of Montreal's unbeatable summer festivals.

Anyway, their visit is quite the celebrated event around here and in keeping true to my family’s traditions, wining and dining are going to be front most and center of their stay.

That said, I have to go cook some lobster for this pasta, buy ricotta for these pancakes, and peel asparagus for this tart! Oh, and about 100 other things to prep, too.

Stay tuned because we have a few weeks of good eating ahead of us and I'll try to get a few recipes out.

Have a great week everyone!


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Your garden is amazing, and so far ahead of mine! How wonderful to be thinning out by eating giant salads every night. Sounds like heaven.

LyB said...

I'm more jealous of your garden every time you post an update! :P
Kidding aside, it looks wonderful, those salads must be awfully tasty with all those fresh from the garden veggies. Hope your parents have a wonderful visit, your boys will be spoiled I'm sure!

Nora B. said...

Your garden looks terrific! I just saw my friend's garden as well, she lives in Quebec City. I even had a dream about Montreal last night, so strange.

Anyway, your parents' trip sounds wonderful and I am sure that you will cook up a storm. Your dad will be very happy to see his bird house proudly displayed, as well. :-)

take care,

Mandy said...

I love the photos of your garden... I'm missing mine since selling my house. But I have pots galore on my balcony and my tomatoes are lovely and in bloom. :) I even have strawberries out there! :)

Lore said...

You've got such a cute garden! I trully envy you :)


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