Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Chocolate-Raspberry Ice Cream Sandwiches

We have a thing about ice cream in our home.

What home doesn't? you ask, and you have a valid point, but around here it borders on obsession. We love it!

Everyone likes ice cream, that's a pretty safe generalization, but how many engaged couples budget all-you-can-eat Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream into their wedding reception even if it means cutting other normal requirements (like a DJ) out all together? Priorities, people!

Yup, we bought four massive tubs of their most popular flavors, they threw in several hundred little serving cups and my brother was pre-scooping ice cream far into the night on the eve of the wedding. We had some leftover and our first few months of newly married bliss was made even sweeter by all those bowls of Cherry Garcia. Mmmm.

We've always loved Ben and Jerry's ice cream and when we visited the B&J Mecca (their factory in Northern Vermont) I picked up their ice cream cookbook so I could duplicate their recipes in my own machine! It was a good investment as the recipes are fun, easy and delicious like this one for Raspberry Ice Cream. I generally make my ice creams with a cooked custard base, but the B&J recipes all have what they call their 'sweet cream base' that requires no cooking and is fast to whip up. Sometimes fast is good, like when you are trying to cook dinner for eight during the baby's 30 minute nap and decide at the last minute to make a dessert too.

We've been enjoying the sweet local berries in many ways and I couldn't resist churning some into ice cream. Would you believe I still have a stash of cake trimmings in my freezer from this wedding cake, so it was a no-brainer to make some cut-outs from the scraps and sandwich my ice cream between the rounds of moist chocolate cake. Voilà, dessert for the gang. Again, fast and easy. Hmmm, that's not usually my motto, but it keeps rearing it's head, doesn't it?

Speaking of no-brainers, the first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week and to me breastfeeding is about the biggest no-brainer for a mother. You could say that I am an advocate! It's free (Ok, it is fast and easy, too. I may as well throw that in there since I'm on that kick) and perhaps the most enjoyable and rewarding experience I have ever had.

Linda over at Make Life Sweeter is hosting an blogging event called "Got Milk?" in support of World Breastfeeding Week and although I found out about this about five minutes ago and the deadline to enter is tonight, I am going to try to participate with this post.

I should make the deadline....if I don't get called away to breastfeed Mateo. How ironic would that be?

Ben & Jerry's Raspberry Ice Cream

1 pt Fresh raspberries
2 lg Eggs
1 1/2 c Sugar
2 c Heavy or whipping cream
1/2 Lemon; juice of
1 c Milk

Compared to other fresh fruit, raspberries are intensely flavorful and very tart, so to make ice cream you need less fruit and more sugar.

Toss the raspberries, 3/4 cup sugar, and the lemon juice together in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours, stirring every 30 minutes. Whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy, 1-2 minutes. Whisk in the remaining 3/4 cup sugar, a little at a time, then continue whisking until completely blended, about 1 minute more. Pour in the heavy cream and milk and whisk to blend. Drain the juice from the raspberries into the cream mixture and blend. Mash the raspberries until pureed and stir them into the cream mixture. Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and freeze following the manufacturer's instructions. Makes 1 generous quart.

NOTE: If you prefer a chunkier raspberry ice cream, return the raspberries to the refrigerator after pouring off the juice. After the ice cream stiffens, about 2 minutes before it is done, add the whole raspberries.

(As it turns out, both Ben & Jerry's and I turn 30 this year. What great company to share a birthday with!)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog immensely. I've been reading for a while, but don't think I've ever left a comment. These look so good! I love ice cream sandwiches and nothing beats homemade. Yum!

kickpleat said...

wow, that looks amazing! so pretty and fresh and i'll bet they taste pretty amazing. mmmm, raspberries!

Anonymous said...

Raspberries are my favourite berry but I've never had it in ice cream somehow (probably because I'm not a addict like you are ;) The sandwiches look delicious!

Thanks for your last minute entry, you were in time, even with time to spare ;)
I'll be doing a round-up after August 7th.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Aimée, this is absolutely divine! And Mateo would be so proud of his mom's beautiful ice-cream. I need an ice cream maker!! :)

Culinary Wannabe said...

This looks so perfect! We just got an ice cream maker a few weeks ago and I've been absolutley hooked. It's an addictive pasttime this ice cream making! I will definitely have to look into this B&J book!

Aimée said...

Hi kamaile- Why thank you for reading! Welcome aboard.

Hi kickpleat- They disappeared pretty fast!

Hi Linda- Whew! Looking forward to the round up!

Hi Patricia- Talk about a good investment!

Hi culinarywannabe- I love by B&J cookbook and all of the recipes have worked out wonderfully. Hope you are having fun with your ice cream maker this summer!

Deborah said...

I should get that cookbook. I haven't been making any ice cream because I prefer the cream based - adn I'm pregnant so that's on the "no" list. I love the sandwiches!

LyB said...

What a beautiful dessert Aimée, I love fast and easy! Wish I had some wedding cake trimmings in my freezer though! ;) I have to get that cookbook too, I really like ice cream recipes that require no cooking.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm visiting your blog after reading about it in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine--it's so divine! I can't wait to see more yummy photos of your creations and hear more about your kiddos!

the milliner said...

That's so funny! My SO just stumbled upon this recipe and made it last week. It is sooooo good. Especially with the fresh local raspberries. We've got another batch in the fridge waiting to be icecream-ized.

Leslie said...

AGGGGHHHH. I soooo need to get the ice cream attachment for my KA mixer! These look wonderful..and I bet my picky little eatters would love them!
And for your comment on my Far from "Perfect" Pound cake...I didnt even think about making a trifle!!! It has already been thrown out. I guess I will know what to do next time I end up with a dry cake!!!

Cheryl Arkison said...

We are going raspberry picking this afternoon and ice cream is on the menu tonight!

Aimée said...

Hi Deb- Ah, yes, so many "do not's" when you are pregnant. I remember that well!

Hi Lyb- It's a fun cookbook, very goofy, not too serious!

Hi Anon- Seriously? This is the first I have heard about being in the mag. Which issue? Do tell.

Hi Suzanne- I almost ate the whole batch myself.

Hi Leslie- I think these would make any kids happy- except my Noah who won't eat raspberries. Weird, I know.

Hi Cheryl- Lucky you!!!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Love it! I love the raspberry and chocolate combo!

Emily said...

Lovely! I love chocolate and raspberry together.

I love the story of your wedding. I would have done the same thing! I may be the only one that shares your passion for ice cream. I love the stuff. I eat it every single night.

As for the breastfeeding, my mom breastfed me, and look how well I turned out?! ;)

Kajal@aapplemint said...

haha you gave up a DJ for a all you can eat B n J ice cream ..awesome !!! why didnt you invite me ?? Nice to have a BnJ ice cream recipe book and how sweet of you to share it. This one is a save :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee, we´re in Spain with my in-laws and I remembered you did crab or lobster, with the video of Noah´s voice that Little and Small loved. It´s Small´s birthday and we´ve just had a huge feast of sardines, squid, prawns, salmon. I also cooked a lobster and crab (they were live) and now need to find out how to cut them up and get all the meat out - I´ve wished it before but goodness I wish you lived near now!! Will catch up with what you´ve been up to when we get home. Hope you´re all okay!!
A xx (Amanda at Little Foodies)

Rachel@fairycakeheaven said...

Lovely, chocolate and raspberries are so perfect together!! YUM!

am shocked you're going to be 30 aswell, you don't look a day of it!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting B&J's ice cream book for long time now - that raspberry ice cream sounds simple and tasty.

Nora B. said...

Hi Aimée,
I was never a big fan of ice-cream till I met Q, and since then, we always have ice-cream in the fridge. Does this make me weird???

Ice-cream sandwiches in another different things - I LUUUURVE it! :-)

x Nora

Anonymous said...

Wonderful looking ice cream sandwiches! The ice cream looks so tempting!

Anonymous said...

I was one of the lucky 8 at the dinner and I can attest that these were super yummy!

Di said...

Ooh, I love chocolate and raspberry together, and your ice cream sandwiches look divine. I have the Ben & Jerry's ice cream cookbook, but I haven't made anything from it in forever. Might be time to pull it off the shelf and see what I can find to make...

Anonymous said...

Seriously! P&N August 2008--You're famous!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Ice cream sandwiches have to be the best. I have had my eye on the local raspberries at the farmer's market...perhaps both eyes:D

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Hooray for ice cream! Hooray for breastfeeding! You forgot to mention the calories consumed by the baby so you can eat more ice cream.

Aimée said...

Hi Melody- Yeah, pretty classic combo that we can't get enough of around here.

Hi Em- Hey, you owe your mom big time, you know that right?

Hi Kate- I've hardly opened it, but that's all about to change!

Hey Amandaaaaaaaa! How have you been?? Spain! I am so green right now. Give the boys a kiss from me and get home safely.

Hey Rachel- Tick-tock. I can't believe I'm almost 30 either. I still feel 20.

Hi Kim- It's Sooooo good and the recipe makes a ton.

Hi Nora- Have you ever had homemade??? That might make you a hard core fan.

Hi Miri- Thanks for stopping by UtHC and for your comment!

Hi Mira- The lucky 8- That was sweet of you. What an evening it was, eh? Yikes!

Hi Di- I love their fruit recipes the best. They can have all their marshmallows and gunk.

Hi Anon- Seriously, thanks for the tip. You rock!

Hi Valli- What are you waiting for??

HI Lynn- I KNOW. Such a bonus.

amycaseycooks said...

I could go for one of those ice cream sandwiches right about now. I recently purchased an ice cream maker and it hasn't stopped churning since I took it out of the box. A couple pints of raspberries in my refrigerator have found a recipe.

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