Monday, August 03, 2009

In Which I Meet Food Bloggers

N & M on the flight home

"No food in the fridge, suitcases burping up their contents everywhere, cranky kids & an overgrown garden, but it's all good b/c we are HOME!"

That was my Tweet this morning, well, more like afternoon. I dragged my butt out of bed at 7 (4:00AM BC time) with the best intentions of getting a jump on my day, but I promptly lay down on the sofa when I discovered that my body refused to function. Two and a half hours later I awoke to the sounds of Mateo chattering in the nursery and that was that. I played catch-up all day.

We arrived home last night and already the suitcases have spilled all over the living room, their entrails forming various paths throughout the house to the laundry room, the office and up the stairs. Although I make a point of leaving a clean home when we go away, we only get to enjoy it for about ten minutes upon our return before it gets ransacked.

Still it is wonderful to be back as Noah so aptly phrased it this morning as he walked from room to room:
"Mama, I love our new home."

Of course nothing is new, but I guess when you've been dragged around as much as our boys have over the last few weeks, a place to call home is a welcome site. They were so tired on the flight home to Montreal, that Mateo fell asleep while we were still on the tarmac and Noah almost immediately after take-off. I actually got to sip a drink and watch 'Cake Boss'. Amazing. (the experience, not the show--it's pretty lame.)

OK, so there's no food in the fridge (we had Mini Wheats for lunch, Mama's Meatballs from the freezer for supper) and we haven't yet picked up our cow, so I'm not back up to cooking and blogging anything just yet ( psst! meal donations are most welcome), however here are a few interesting links you might enjoy...

I've been lucky enough to meet up with several of Canada's finest West Coast food bloggers in the past month, and they've all posted about their experiences. It's pretty obvious who's the slacker here! Yep, moi.

Sue Robbins from Foodie Suz flew in to Montreal on business recently and I just couldn't have this smart foodie traipsing around town without a proper guide; so I offered my services. We blitzed several of my favorite spots and Sue proved to be fabulous company. Seems like she enjoyed herself too as per her post on the morning in Montreal.

When we planned a few nights in Calgary on our way to British Columbia, I thought, maybe, just maybe, Julie or Cheryl would want to hook up for coffee or a drink. Cheryl outdid herself by inviting the gang of us--husbands and kids, too--over for a BBQ. Plenty of good times ensued as a result.
Here's a recap on Dinner with Julie that will make your stomach growl and includes Cheryl's recipe for the Sour Cream Ice Cream that we devoured. Also visit Backseat Gourmet for Cheryl's very honest behind-the-scenes review of the day and the meal. You gotta hand it to her, she did such a beautiful job. Plenty of photos in both posts including a few where I look very short (I am).

I'm not making any promises on when my recount of the event will be up; that's entirely up to how fast I bounce back from to trip and get things ship-shape around here. And I'm talking about YOU, weeds.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Welcome home!
PS You don't look short, we aren't that tall.

foodie suz said...

I managed to extract some photos out of my little camera - including one of you on the steps of the Museum of Fine Arts in which you look VERY tall.

Kim said...

My mom always cleaned like a madwoman before we left for vacation and it drove the rest of us nuts. Now I understand; I've been known to cry when I walk into a messy house and just ADD to the chaos with all the laundry.

I have always been good about cleaning out the fridge beforehand, though, and I love that clean-slate feeling of going to the market when we get home.

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Welcome home!

I feel you on the short thing. My 13 yr old boys are now my height and getting too big a kick out of it! :) Just wait until your guys get there. Fuuuuuuun!

I can't wait until I get a chance to meet a fellow blogger!

Maria said...

Welcome back!

Abby said...

4 AM? Whoa! And I USED to always leave a clean house, but with a kid and a job it seems impossible these days. Happy chaos, rather.

Glad you had fun! And so jealous you met food bloggers.

Kelsey B. said...

Welcome home! I love it when the kiddos sleep on the plane, I just wish it happened more often!

Susan / petiteschoses said...

It's always good to be home no matter how good a trip you have had! Enjoy the resettling process.

It's our turn next to head to your neck of the woods, leaving beautiful BC at the end of the week for a few days in Montreal and then up to the Saguenay region to visit the monsieur's parents and siblings for a few weeks. This is when my questionable french skills are always put to the test! But looking forward to the blueberries if still in season there!

Lo said...

What good sports those lovely boys were! So glad you had a good time... always great to meet virtual friends, innit? Welcome back!

Julie said...

take your time - the photos will be worth the wait!

you are exactly the size I've always wanted to be - rather than the hulk that I am - a friend once exclaimed: "wow - you have the biggest barrel chest I've ever seen!" Good if you're a linebacker, not so much a food blogger...

Nutmeg Nanny said...

Welcome home! I think it's so cool that you were able to meet other food bloggers.

Kristen said...

Sounds like so much fun!!


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