Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tips for a Peaceful Mother's Day (via Simple Bites)

It's Mother's Day this Sunday!

Don't worry, I've got you covered with my latest post over at Simple Bites:

How to Have Peace, Serenity AND Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s Day.

From the post...

By simply planning ahead and offering a few instructions/suggestions for the well-wishers, I increase my chances of getting a speedy and tasty breakfast in bed, minimize kitchen disasters, and ensure a relaxed start to the day for all.

Click through for a full confessional, helpful to-do lists for the whole family and a basic scone recipe to bookmark.

Happy Mother's Day!


queencake and titangirl said...

hi aimee,
re/ the scone recipewhat could one substitute for the cereal cream?
sour cream perhaps? or half milk, half cream?
thanks for your help
best from berlin,have a good week,anja x

Aimée said...

Cereal cream is the same as coffee cream or 'light'cream. 1/2 cream, 1/2 milk would work fine, Anja.

queencake and titangirl said...


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