Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Foodie Facebook: Shannon

Meet Shannon, of the inspiring blog, Nourishing Days!

I first 'met' Shannon when she applied to be one of my contributors on Simple Bites. Naturally, it was an easy decision to bring her on board and she continually enriches our content over there with thought-provoking posts like

Great stuff! Here's a little bit more about Shannon....

Name: Shannon
Place: Midwest, US
Occupation: Resident Mama, Homemaker, Cook, and Blogger

What is your earliest childhood food memory?

When I was probably about four years old my parents took me blueberry picking where we lived in northern Minnesota. They were wild blueberries and we went out and picked them with ice cream buckets. It was lovely.

What did you eat today?
For breakfast I had a green smoothie + a coconut flour pancake. Lunch was a big salad with avocado, leftover roasted chicken, homemade mayonnaise, and a whole bunch of homegrown lettuce. Dinner was chicken liver pate with zucchini and cucumber "crackers" along with a roasted butternut squash with butter. We also had a big mug of coconut milk hot cocoa after our boys went to bed.

What will your kids never be allowed to eat?

Margarine or anything that might resemble butter but isn't.

What do you always have on hand in your fridge?

Kerrygold butter, organic carrots, at least two kinds of mustard, raw blue cheese (can't get enough of this lately), and homemade yogurt.

What is your beverage of choice?

Since the heat has returned it would have to be kombucha. It's a fermented sweet tea that gets really bubbly and is super refreshing on a warm day.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the history of man, who would it be?

The foodie in me wants to say Julia Child. I bet both the food and the conversation would be fabulous.

OK, it’s your last meal ever, what do you have?

A really good steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans almondine, a huge salad, and some sort of ice cream dessert that involves chocolate and peanut butter (my two favorite foods).

Shannon, thanks so much for your interview! I agree, dinner with Julia Child would be scintillating. One would have to hope that she cooked the meal as well!


Melissa said...

Hi Shannon! I always have butter & organic carrots in my refrigerator too!

Thistlemoon said...

That was a great interview, really enjoyed it!

Kelly - 2 Kids (and a mom) Cooking said...

I love your your last meal choice...I go for beets over the green beans, but the rest is heavenly :D


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