Monday, October 25, 2010

Cake Love and Vegetable Ardor.

I've been holding out on you. There has been cake and I haven't shared. This post will remedy that selfishness, however, so get your pencils out and print up my holiday baking pantry check-list. You're going to want to shop for ingredients after this post.

The three cakes I'm about to elaborate on have something in common besides, well, flour, sugar and all those cake-y ingredients. Can you guess?

They all originated at the vegetables stand of my local market. Yep, without intending to do so, and just by following my own cravings over the last few weeks, I've baked cakes with carrots, pumpkin and beets.

That's a good thing, right?

Now, onto the recipes, for they are keepers.

Here we have a - hang onto your hats - Pumpkin Guinness Gingerbread Bundt Cake.
Who is the one person to come up with this craziness? Yea, the one-and-only Julie Van Rosendaal. She posted this last Saturday on Babble's Family Kitchen blog and unbeknown to her, made my to-do list a little bit longer for that day.

I was throwing a harvest dinner party the next day, and what is a girl to do when faced with a recipe such as this? Add it to the menu, send the hubby out for stout (didn't have to ask twice), and rummage around for a bundt pan. It obviously had to be made.

The flavors in this cake kind of blow your mind; you must check out the list of ingredients. I started chuckling to myself as I read through them (golden rule of baking: read the recipe through first) and by the time I finished was laughing my head off: Pumpkin. Guinness. Molasses. Brown Sugar. Fresh Ginger. Ground Ginger. Vanilla. Cocoa. Cinnamon....all that was missing was some espresso powder!

Needless to say, Julie sure knows how to throw a party in a bundt pan, plus it made the place smell mad.

Head here to get the recipe.

Not to be outdone by the bundt, may I present the regal, three-layer Browned Butter Carrot Cake.

I've had this one bookmarked from Elizabeth's blog, Guilty Kitchen for ages, just waiting for the perfect occasion. When my brother-in-law, who is also my little sister's boy-friend (don't worry, it's all legal) hinted that carrot cake would be a good direction to go for his birthday cake, I knew I had my recipe.

Its was actually both of their birthdays, my sister, and Danny's brother. Again, yes, all legal, good stuff. They're dating AND share the same birthday. If you think about it, it's actually easier for me: one cake. See what I mean?

I don't have a close-up of the interior of the cake, because, well, I've pretty much given up on playing hostess and event photographer. It's just no fun. Especially by the time dessert rolls around. I'm usually ready to throw the kids in bed, demand a double-shot latte from the barista (Danny), pull up a chair and serve cake.

That said, Liz's ultra-moist, super-classy carrot cake leaves little to be desired. Unless you like your carrot cake full of stuff such as pineapple, raisins, coconut, nuts or other extra. I don't. It was perfect.

Head here to get the recipe.

These little Chocolate Beet Cupcakes are hot off the press over at Simple Bites. They're my attempt at a Halloween confection, but are more like a pretty fall dessert.

Beet Cupcakes! I'm super proud of these healthier sweet treats and my boys loved them. There's no white sugar and very little fat, but the cupcakes are sweet and moist thanks to nearly a cup of fresh beet puree. The secret is definitely in the sauce.

Head here to get the recipe.

I just realized these three cakes have something else in common. Cream Cheese Frosting.

Oh well. Deal with it.


Kara said...

wow! Once again, you've increased my bookmarks and my "want to bake" list :-)

giggling a little about your sister/brother in law because my Mom's older sister is married to my Dad's older brother and I feel like I'm always having to explain our family tree, too ("Don't worry, its legal" LOL)

Have a great week, my friend! Off to check out your beet cupcakes ...

bellini valli said...

Topped with cream cheese frosting I would be happy to make any of these cakes packed with their vegetable goodness Aimee.

Damaris said...

all of these look fantastic. The bundt one is my favorite though. I love baking in bundt pans.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Once again - perfect timing. Today is a shared birthday for Baby J and Aunt K. We'll be having a big family celebration this weekend and needing a fun cake idea. Going to have to ask my MIL to bring down her bundt pan!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the plug and so glad you liked my cake! Those beet cupcakes look amazing and I have yet to try the beet and chocolate combo that is so popular lately. May have to have a get together this week just to have them!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

You make the best stuff! I love how you take something not so healthy and make it a bit more healthy :)

Aimée said...

Thanks, everyone!
Kara- Ah, you too?
Val- That's exactly how I feel.
Damarais- Confession. That was my first bundt cake. Ever. Not my last.
Alissa- Happy birthday(s)!
Elizabeth- Is it popular? Pls pass along any great finds!
Nanny- Well, thanks. It's nice when that works out.

Julie said...

Gorgeous!! Lovely photos, as always!

Natalie said...

all of these sound DELICIOUS and look absolutely beautiful! bookmarking this post!

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