Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Hola! A Mexico Recap


Jennifer Jo said...

Did you really sleep in that bed on the beach?

Aimée said...

You mean, heaven? The kids had a wonderful nap there, while my sis and I relaxed and made the occasional trip to the bar. What a great spot!

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Great little recap of your vacation. Love the photo of the boys sleeping.

Shanna Schlitz said...

Can I ask where you went? We are looking for a kid-friendly vacation spot in Mexico!

Terra said...

I'm also curious where this is. It looks like a fantastic destination.

Portable Soap Box Girl said...

It certainly looks like heaven on a beach. I too would love to know where you went. We often go to Cuba, which is lovely. The place in your pictures just looks superior IMO, so if you wouldn't mind....
I'll second the "please tell us where you were"
BTW it was your blog that really got me into the blogoshere. I make your LEMON RICOTTA pancakes all the time, always to rave reviews. Thanks so much.

Jodi said...

Shanna, I went to the same place in Mexico, Grand Palladium, Mayan Riviera (if I'm not mistaken). We had a great time (my kids were 4 and 15 months), it was a little big though. I would also check out the Barcelo, Mayan Riviera, it's a little smaller, a little closer to the airport, absolutely beautiful and you should go onto tripadvisor and check out the kiddy pool with slides and dragons and the beach trikes, that's where I would go if I went back, but I would also return to the Grand Palladium.

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