Friday, July 15, 2011

More on Cupcakes in Montreal

Over the years I've eaten a lot of cupcakes around town, written a few posts about them, and kept my ear to the ground on the general cupcake scene.

People have both loved and hated what I've written, but the opinion is still mine to share, and I continue to do so.

Recently I had the opportunity to write an article for the popular Montreal food blog, Ici et Here. Curated by Jackson Wightman of Made Here, the Fait Ici blog (and many other online venues), Ici et Here is a blog about Montreal and the fascinating way food is woven into the fabric of life in this city.

It was my honour to contribute to the already stellar content of the blog, and I chose cupcakes as my topic. Perhaps to ruffle a few feathers. Perhaps to show that these mini confections still have a solid fan base in this town.

From the post:

"Alright, I know the cupcake is on more ‘out’ lists than Lady Gaga is on ‘in’ lists. Local Chowhounders label them as “pervasive”; food snobs scoff as they pass the (many) shops; heck, in merely mentioning on Twitter that I was writing about cupcakes, I received a snide @reply asking, “Are cupcakes still a thing?”

Granted, they really aren’t. The new sweet trend is macarons or pie, depending on whom you talk to, and the cupcake hype is a thing of the past. However, in or out, it’s my firm belief that they still hold court in the Montreal food scene."...

Head to Ici et Here to read the rest of the post and get my recommendations for the best cupcakes in town.

I had great fun contributing to Ici et Here. A big thanks to Jackson for the opportunity!


Bonnie said...

I loved your article. It is funny how food trends come and go..but really, cupcakes..come on..they will never die! Cupcakes are one of those things that we definitely eat with our eyes first! Total eye candy..sitting there, behind the glass case at the cannot help it, you've got to have one!

Jackson Wightman said...

Such a pleasure to have you as one of our authors. Your post was superb! Thanks A :)

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Cupcakes as a "thing" might be on their way out, but cupcakes are here to stay!

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