Thursday, October 05, 2006

Caramel Apples

Dessert of the Month: Caramel Apples

We made these the same afternoon we went apple picking and I think this is my new favorite dessert this year. Oh, so good. We were sitting around munching on them and everyone was chattering and carrying on, but not I. I was silently eating, enjoying every bite and suprised that I was getting into it so much. Maybe it was PMS and I was craving sugar, or maybe I was reverting back to some childhood memory, but my mother never allowed us to have sugar so it couldn't have been that-they were just that good.
I’m no Willie Wonka and didn’t make the caramel, but they turned out just fine with store-bought candies. Such a simple thing, and yet so yummy! The apples were amazing and the caramel still soft.

To make:

1 bag individually wrapped caramels

1-3 Tablespoons butter


Popsicle sticks

Prepare apples by wedging a popsicle stick or a fork into the center to create a handle.

Unwrap the bag of caramels and microwave them on low with a little bit of butter until runny. Mix well and dip apples in. Allow to harden and enjoy!


Amber said...

Oh, yum. I too love caramel apples! I remember getting them at the Fall Fair, and steering clear of the knock-off candied apples, blech. Our Mom too was a no candy kind of lady, with candy going bad in the cupboard because we weren't allowed to eat it. I think a temperate approach is wiser with kids. I'm sure that is why I'm such a sugar fiend now:)

Anonymous said...

They were so good! The apples were so fresh and crunchy, which contrasted perfectly with the chewy caramel....yum

Anonymous said...

Did someone say "sugar"? Oh yum.

April said...

I think I'll try that this weekend when I pick up some stuff from Atwater market


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