Monday, October 16, 2006

A Wedding Cocktail

Kevin and Melanie...October 14, 2006

Last weekend we helped my husband’s brother, Kevin, and the beautiful Melanie celebrate the wonderful event of their wedding. At a golf resort near Mont Tremblant, we rented a chalet and joined the rest of their immediate family in a beautiful setting for the two day celebration.

It was a weekend of great food, fine wine, and happiness from beginning to end. To me it felt like we ate the whole time, which I had absolutely no problem with! If this wasn't a food blog, I would detail the event, but you'll have to ask me later for the juicies! I won’t go into detail over every meal, but just highlight the first cocktail, which I catered. Melanie called it a “meet ‘n greet” as it was the first time both sides of the family would be all together.

Everyone arrived at the resort around six PM and by 7:30, with Noah ensconced away in his bed upstairs, I was puttering happily away in the kitchen. Melanie comes from a family of good cooks and they contributed lots of yummies, too.

My menu was simple: 12 canapés and a few desserts. I wanted to create no-fuss, easy-to-understand food that had an emphasis on vegetables. The bride ( and a few family members) doesn’t eat red meat, so I decided on mostly veggie canapés, with a few chicken, shrimp and smoked salmon thrown in to mix it up. And because I couldn’t resist, I did melon and proscuitto also.

Here is the menu:

Vegetarian Sushi; Cantaloup and Canadian Proscuitto
Sesame Asparagus Spring Rolls
Proscuitto and Melon, Sesame Asparagus Spring Rolls, Shrimp with Fennel, Endive with Smoked Salmon and Dill Cream Cheese
Grilled Chicken with Maple-ChardonnayVinegar Reduction
Trio of Pastry: Spinach and Feta Spanikopita(phyllo); Roasted Tomato Hearts (puff pastry); Tarragon Chicken Salad Puffs(choux pastry)
Raspberry, Strawberry and Fig Tartelettes with Orange Scented Mascarpone
Palmiers, Gingersnaps and Baklava (Mahrousé)
Kahlua and Dark Chocolate Truffles

Not photographed was:
Basil and Tomato Bruschetta on Crostini
Herb marinated baby Bocconcini with Crackers
Pictured at top of blog:
Crudité and Dill Dip


Amber said...

What a cheery and festive spread! The picture of the truffles at the end look especially divine. The bride and groom look like the food pleased them in their photo - many years of happiness to you Kevin and Melanie!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I dont think you had enough choices for people, though ;)

Zaak said...

Sesame Asparagus Spring Rolls. Freakin awesome!

Anonymous said...

Food, food, food.........there was a lot of it and it was all wonderfully delicious!!!! You actually had some 1st time triers on some of you canapes.
DELISH!....says the bride!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts were (in order):
"Sushi? Yum!"
"Maple glazed chicken? Yum!"
"Melon and prociuto? Yum!"
"Sesame and asparagus spring rolls? Yum!"
"Smoked salmon with other stuff? Yum!"
"Spanikopita? Yum!"
"Giant plate of red tarts? Yum, yum, yum!"
"Chocolate truffles? Aie, yaie, yaie!"
"More desserts than even I can eat? What a fantastic opportunity to push the limits!"

Michelle said...

Is there any chance you can post the recipe for those FABULOUS chocolate truffles?

Aimée said...

You all are too kind.
Mich, I keep getting requests for that recipe and usually I would share a recipe in a flash, but that one is top secret and is destined for the no can do.:( I feel badly, but I can't show all my cards at once, can I? If it makes you feel any better, I also refused to sell it to a Montreal chef/restaurant owner who happened to be my boss.

Michelle said...

Understandable - I will wait with anticipation for your book! When is that coming...?


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