Friday, February 02, 2007

Hop to a Food Shop in T-Dot

Toronto's CN Tower, Canada's tallest building, peaks through the grey haze.

We spent a few days in T-dot last weekend at my in-laws. My MIL and I went downtown a few times to check out the markets and foodie hotspots and I got a little glimpse of life in Montreal’s rival city.. Now I am pretty unbiased. I don’t have years of built up anger against Toronto, nor a fierce ambition to prove that we are the better city, have the better bagels, the better hockey team, etc. So, after seeing some charming areas and great markets, I found Toronto pretty cool; however, people could take a few hints from Montrealer’s on how to dress. I am no fashion expert, but I know a funny get-up when I see one!

We visited St Lawrence Market, which is great for picking up fresh meats, fish, bread vegetables and cheeses. I kept seeing bins full of something called “Montreal Bagels” which looked nothing like anything I had ever seen before, and the line up at St. Urbain Bagels was almost out the door. Hmm.

Famous Toronto Italian gourmet grocers, Pusateri’s, was quite the scene. The parking lot was jam packed with Mercedes, BMW’s and Jag’s; inside we found Toronto’s upper class selecting their bonbons, baguettes and biscotti for the weekend. Plenty of Gucci and Prada handbags were around, showing that these people don’t have to care about the over-priced store items. Here they find a great selection of chocolates, a coffee bar, a small deli, bakery, and all the staples to make this a one-stop shop, so why not?

I grabbed an Illy coffee at the bar and got yelled at for taking a photo of the pastry counter,
“No photographs inside the store!!”. (above picture)
Next to me a girl wearing Uggs, sweatpants, a down coat, and with a flashy handbag, yaked into her cell phone:

“Yeah, I’m at Poo’s. Need anything?”

Ah, I had seen enough.
Until next time, Toronto!


Anonymous said...

My favourite part of the story?

“No photographs inside the store!!” (above picture)


Aimée said...

Yeah, I'm bad for that kind of stuff. Who has pictures of the Sistine Chapel? Me. It's funny, because nowadays with digital cameras, you can delete images on the spot, but I guess they don't care that much...


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