Sunday, February 17, 2008

Peek Through My Window

An October view from my kitchen window

Are you inspired to cook by the view from your kitchen window? Prompted to create?

Writing from sunny Cairo, Egypt, Lynda of LuLu's Bay has asked bloggers the question "What is the view from your kitchen window?" and in return she has gotten a peek through kitchen windows all over the world as people responded.

When Danny and I started house hunting a few years back, I had some specific requirements for what I wanted in a kitchen- all within reason, of course! For example, a double sink was a must-have for doing dishes and washing vegetables at the same time, while a window over that sink would be a really nice bonus. Goodness knows we spend enough time standing there and a window is ideal for daydreaming while doing the washing up!

I was fortunate to get my double sink AND a view of the back yard out one of the two windows in my kitchen. In the summer, the sun streams in, reminding me to get out to weed the garden or just plain GET OUT and enjoy the day. On gloomy rainy or blizzardy days, the weather beating against the window pane inspires me to brew another cup of tea and bake something to warm up my kitchen.

So I give you the view out my kitchen window. It's not all together dismal, but neither is it particularly transporting!
Visit Lynda's blog to see what others are looking at right now as they fix dinner or polish wine glasses.

I can't resist leaving you with the view from my brother's kitchen and dining room in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Talk about transporting...There are a few grazing horses missing from this scene, too.


Lynda said...

Your view is lovely, just needs some children playing... But your brother - wooooowwww! That is stunning and my all time favorite view. I have added you to the blogroll, glad you joined! cheers Lynda

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I love both views Aimee:D You could be inspired anywhere with your love of good food :D

Beth said...

Such a beautiful view you have!
And your brother's is simply amazing.

Núria said...

Your brother does have good inspiration for his dishes! Wow, Aimee, that view is breathtaking!!!
Yours is great... but if I were you I'd be visiting him often :D

winedeb said...

Great back yard for the kids Aimee! You can cook and keep an eye on them while they play! And your brother...I would never leave the kitchen!

Aimée said...

Hi Lynda- Thanks! Glad you liked the views, thanks for adding them.

Hi Valli- It's true, inspiration can come from the oddest places!

Hi Beth- Welcome to UtHC! Thanks for dropping by and enjoying the view.

Hi Nuria- It's too bad he is on the other side of the country...but when I do visit him the only time I am out of the kitchen is when I am actually out climbing those mountains!

Hi Deb- I can't complain about my yard-not bad for suburbia!

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

Beautiful view. So peaceful. Your brother is in BC. I love living in BC.

Amber said...

I think your view is wonderful Aimee, when we go house-hunting a view of some sort out the kitchen window is one thing I will definitely be looking for! Right now when I'm at the kitchen sink I see a cement block wall with barbed wire at the top, then a snatch of the sky and a few trees. Ha! Sounds like I'm in jail doesn't it!?! Funny:)

David Hall said...

I can't believe the view from your brother's kitchen, truly amazing, makes me want to emigrate to Canada! Beautiful.


Cookie baker Lynn said...

Your back yard is lovely. It looks like a perfect romping ground for Noah. Your new pic is beautiful!

Sandy said...

It's beautiful Aimee.
And your brother's view is breathtaking!

Warda said...

Your view is beautiful. But your brother's view is BREATH-TAKING! Gorgeous! I would never leave the kitchen and the dining area if I would to live there. When we bought our house, only a few months ago, the view was the big reason why we bought it. And I love the rattan chair outside. It looks so romantic under the tree :)

Nora B. said...

Your view is peaceful and lovely. Min just looks out into a boring walkway, but it does have some trees. Our veranda has a nicer view of the water though. And your brother's view is just amazing!

Nora B. said...

p/s: love your new profile photo - gorgeous!

RecipeGirl said...

Sadly... ever so sadly... I do not have a kitchen window. I have windows in our nook area so it provides a lot of light in the kitchen, but I don't get to experience the beauty of the outdoors while I'm cooking :(

Your views look amazing!

I'm TAGGING you- if you participate in that sort of thing!

Brilynn said...

I currently have NO windows in my kitchen, it's depressing, I live in a cave...

That cake for your Dad looks wonderful!

Aimée said...

Hi Helene- BC rocks, no questions asked!
Hi Amber- I wish you the very best with the whole house hunting thing. It's a challenge.
Hi David- Well, come for a visit first, OK?
Hi Lynn- Thanks. He spends hours in his sandbox. Boys!
Hi Sandy- I agree. It's hard to beat a mountain view.
Hi Warda- We'll sit on that chair and munch windfall apples in the afternoon. Bliss!
Hi Nora- Love those water views, too.
Hi recipe girl- thanks for the tag!

Anonymous said...

It really does look like dont even have to step out the front door to enjoy the scenery!

Sophie said...

That is beautiful! I wish that was my yard!


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