Friday, April 09, 2010

Cabane a Sucre Au Pied de Cochon Part 3: Desserts

You may want to grab some of that leftover Easter chocolate before starting to read this post - or not. Chances are your Cadbury eggs will pale in comparison to this line up of deserts we recently enjoyed at a local sugar shack.

Here are the first two parts of our culinary adventure to bring you up to speed on our outing:

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Desserts are, as all of you know, my weakness. Desserts featuring maple? Well, let's just say we get along very well.

A little too well, perhaps, but who's counting pancakes??

'Crêpes Grand-Mère', I believed these were called, although I wasn't paying much attention to our server at that point. I'm somewhat of a pancake aficionado, and these were among the best I've had.

Can one really call them pancakes, though? They were deep-fried in duck fat, deliciously hot and crispy and served swimming in maple syrup. Definitely a perfect marriage between pancakes and doughnuts.

Our table polished them off in no time.

I called our server aside to inquire about the house policy on 'seconds', to which she promptly informed me that they don't accommodate. I remained calm, but firm, and managed to convey my deep and utter need for another tray.

Happily, another dish of pancakes arrived shortly in front of me, hot and devastatingly good. (Have I ever called anything 'devastatingly good' on this blog??)

OK, I'm going to get flack for this one, but this is my space, so I can say what I like. This banana split was just so-so. Sure it had banana's (what's local about those?) maple marshmallows (mine are better - just sayin'), some pretty kicking maple ice cream, and maple-glazed nuts, but I wasn't as impressed as some of the other eaters. Go ahead, call me spoiled.

The split's best feature was the maple cotton candy garnish, which was brilliant. I bought some to take home for the boys. Delish!

This was subconsciously what we had all come for: tire à l’érable, or maple taffy. This is a requisite treat for a visit to any sugar shack.

It is rolled up on a popsicle stick from it's bed of crushed ice (packed snow works better) and enjoyed in all it's teeth numbing, sticky sweetness.

(at this point, I almost had to hold onto the table when I stood up. Remember this was our third 'wave' of food. But there was one more...)

My second favorite dessert (pancakes were number one) was the maple mille-feuille, and easily the best of its kind I've ever had. Mille-feuille is a dime a dozen around here, but most of them are disappointing.

Not so here, Au Pied de Cochon's version leaves nothing to be desired, except, perhaps, the residual longing that all mille-feuilles were maple.

Ah, in a perfect world, perhaps.

~Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon: adult $49 CAD, kids from 3 to 12 yrs old $15


Jan (Family Bites) said...

This all sounds like a delicious experience. I can't get over the price...only $49! Thanks for sharing with us!

Lazaro Cooks said...

Saw your profile on another page. Glad I took the time to read your blog. It's informative and really well done. Look forward to following you here. Have a great day. Cheers!

Barbara said...

Listen, I am stuffed just reading this post!

Maple cotton candy? Yum.
Maple taffy? Double yum.

Julie said...

HOLY CRAP! I may have to make the pilgrimage for those pancakes. Mike might just die. Of pleasure, of course.

supermom said...

What a lovely and interesting blog you have! My own blog is not in english, but i sure will come back to read more.

Have a nice sunday!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

So such seasonal enjoyment comes from such humble beginnings in the sugar bush.

Terrie said...

It's the maple millefeuilles I'm hinting at for my next birthday...
also wondering how come you're not fat? :)

Elizabeth said...

I love your brutal honesty Aimée. There's nothing worse than food bloggers rolling over themselves to tell everyone how so and so "celebrity" chef amazed them with their unique food. This was a great series and let me know just what exactly the food at Au Pied Au Cochon is really like. Thanks!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Sadly I don't think any of those dishes can be found here in FL. You ask for maple syrup(anything) here and they're passing you Hungry Jack syrup.

ahmed5090 said...

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