Friday, September 10, 2010

A Fall List

This autumn, in no particular order, I want to...

  • Pick apples, eating no less than three in the process and climbing the tallest ladder to get above the branches and gaze across the entire orchard with the sun on my face.
  • Plant garlic for spring, which will require having garden plot ready to receive them. And so...
  • Build at least three raised beds by the fence, under the weeping willow. Oh, and give that thing a haircut.
  • Source an organic turkey and roast it for a group of friends. Serve with homemade applesauce. Which reminds me...
  • Make gallons of blush pink applesauce and can it. Use Cortland apples.
  • Watch my son turn 5 and burst with pride while simultaneously holding back sobs.
  • Visualize and execute a 'rocket cake' for said birthday. (Help me!)
  • Shoot a family holiday photo -- with no attempt to top last year's masterpiece.
  • Visit the open air market as often as possible just to gape at the seasons bounty.
  • Roast many sugar pumpkins, turn them into puree and bake up a storm.
  • Purchase way more produce than we can possibly eat at that market, then invent ways to fit 8-10 vegetables into a meal.
  • Watch our back forest turn all sorts of mapletastic colors and collect leaves with the boys.
  • Wear a wool sweater and a pretty scarf.
  • Buy two pear trees and plant them in the back yard. Name them Adam and Eve.
  • Read a book, a good book. Maybe even one about dragons.
  • Serve a harvest dinner outdoors, highlighting local seasonal food.
  • Finish dinner with toasted cinnamon marshmallows around the campfire.
  • Built this chicken coop and research for chicks next spring.
  • Air out my down douvet and then replace my cotton quilt with it.
  • Make lacto-fermented salsa.

What's on your fall list?


Jennifer Jo said...

That's an excellent list. I especially like your recreation of The Garden of Eden.

bellini valli said...

Sounds like a list that is a chievable Aimee. Enjoy all that autumn has to offer with your family:D

kimberleyblue said...

Your list is great. I agree with the roasting a good turkey and plenty of pumpkin.

I plan on apple-picking this weekend, and making lotsa of applesauce and a lot more apple butter. I also look forward to checking out all the markets every weekend, and coming home with an abundance of produce.

I don't have kids, so reading a book is easy. i'm doing the 52 books in a year challenge, so I also look forward to reaching the halfway point (yeah, yeah, so I'm a bit behind).

Julie said...

Lovely post! and photos! We do much reading of dragon books around here..

Anonymous said...

What a fall-bulous list! My fall list is very similar, take away the plantings (with 3 dogs I have given up until we move to a farm lol) Add bike riding in the Niagara Falls area and horseback riding and we are good to go! Stop by my blog when you have a chance, would love to have you over!

Amber said...

What a fabulous list! I wish we could come pick cortland apples and maple leaves with you! Love the shot of Noah reading too, so sweet :)

colleen @ foodietots said...

Great list, Aimée. I just posted a list of "extended summer" to dos -- then the temperature dropped 20 degrees and suddenly I'm craving hot apple cider and pumpkins. Love love love the outdoor harvest dinner idea!

Melissa said...

That is a great list. I have to tell you that I made your banana chocolate chip cake with maple cream cheese frosting for my son's birthday and it was a hit!

I thought it was perfect b/c three of Eli's favorite things to eat are bananas, chocolate and maple syrup! So, thank you!

A.F. said...

On my fall list is to devote as much time as I can to enjoying the season before winter arrives!

Adrienne said...

1) I've been thinking of planting garlic. Can I just buy garlic from the farmer's market and plant it? Or do I have to get ripped off from the plant store ($11 + tax and shipping for 3 bulbs?!)

2) So, Cortland are the best for applesauce? I've already made apple butter, but I still want to make applesauce...

3) OMG...that chicken coop is AMAZING! Chickens aren't legal in my city (yet). But when they are, I want my carpenter husband to build THAT one! Thanks for the link!

4) You will be one busy woman! I'd be happy if I got 1/4 of that accomplished! Good luck!

Jessica said...

Love the list! Makes fall seem less like the beginning of winter.

On my list would be:

1. Making gallons of butternut squash soup
2. Getting a hand blender to facilitate making that soup
3. Knitting something (that I would actually wear)

smspizza said...

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Jodi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jodi said...

Hi Aimee,
Just curious, what will you do with the chickens in the winter? Eat them?

Cheryl Arkison said...

That's an ambitious list! But I adore all of it.

I've really been wanting to air out my duvet, but it won't stop raining! Resorting to two quilts on the bed for now.

molly said...

I love this.

Aimée said...

Hi Adrienne-
I seem to remember my mother just planting regular bulbs, but I've also head of 'seed' garlic. So I'm really not sure. Sorry!

I love the pink hue Cortland apples gives to applesauce. I've always used Cortland...(look for a recipe soon on Simple Bites)

I'm SO excited about the coop. It's cut out, just needs assembly!

Hi Jodi- We will winter our chickens, and hopefully enjoy eggs all year long! Their home will be insulated, plus have a heat lamp. They will be fine!

marjoke said...

Autumn is totally my season; the only time of the year you can actually see the sumbeams. The colours of the trees and the smell of the composing leaves on the ground.

Love your list and would like to do all those things especially picking apples (at the farmer) and making pumpkinbread and pies. I'm only waiting for the opportunity to move to a bigger place with a garden big enough for chickens and fruit trees.

SeabeeMom said...

I have searched and searched and searched for the Cortland Applesauce recipe in you blog...have you posted it?

Aimée said...

Hi Seebee Mom- No I have will be posted over at Simple during our upcoming Canning 101 series. Sorry for the trouble!

Adrienne said...

I ended up going apple picking and chose Cortlands thanks to your post! Here's my post about the applesauce I made:

Dana from One Haute Plate said...

Not only does this make me want to bake, can, and pick apples, I now need a cozy love seat on a covered porch and a book about dragons. Love that photo- it relaxes me just looking at it.

Obaitori Spiritual Mothering said...

Mmm. It is turning to spring in the southern hemisphere. My list includes - creating happy mornings, starting with a smile, building two no-dig gardens, 3 rounds of surya namaskar or salute to the sun a day, creating organic ayurvedic food for my family & trying to do everything with increased awareness, gratitude & appreciation. Katie x

MATHEW said...

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