Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: First Day of School


Cat said...

I especially like the attitude in the last picture. He is so cute !
Good luck at school !!

Megan said...

My son has this backpack! He LOVES it and insists on taking it home each night even though he is in daycare and has no need to.

stacief said...

So cute and a great backpack! Hope he has a great first day of school!

Macu -Tengo un horno y sé cómo usarlo said...

I love the first photo. Looks like a pro shot. The kid, the photo, everything works so well.
Very cute.

Melissa said...

So cute! Love the backpack! If it wasn't for WW, I wouldn't know what day it is!

haidi said...

Awwww... so big. Way too grown up. He looks so cute, and so excited, Aimee.

Alicen said...

He looks so much like you! I love the backpack, so cute. My Mom used to take our pictures on the first day of school every year, what a great tradition!

One Hungry Mama said...

STOP with the cuteness! (My hungry boy has the same backpack---he'll be donning it for the first time next week!)

EMP said...

Love the backpack...where did you get it? My little one isn't big enough for school yet but I'm looking for a backpack/diaper bag that has spots on the side for sippy cups and he LOVES monkeys. said...

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