Monday, March 10, 2008

Toasting with Margaritas

With the birth of my baby comes not only the incredible gift of another son to love, but also the return of some culinary delights to my diet... and my belly is happy.

I can now enjoy runny, raw milk cheeses with a glass of wine, guilt-free lattés and pots of strong tea, honey on my scones, fresh oysters in the half shell, and yes, alcohol.

As my original post-partum plan went out the window when my doctor banned hot tubs for 6 weeks (and I decided sushi was too labor intensive for now), I saw a deal on limes at the market and decided a margarita night was the perfect way to celebrate.

It is not without some reservations that I make tequila the subject of my first post-partum post as I am not a big drinker. However, after nine months of abstinence it was nice to raise my glass with a few friends and toast the new arrival with a classic margarita!

Thanks to my New Mexican brother in law (who inevitably drags out the shot glasses and tequila at every family reunion), I developed a taste for tequila and the humble margarita became my absolute favorite mixed drink. I'm not talking any old tequila 'Bang-Bang' either, but some of the finer imports such as the oh-so-good Corzo.

This is a sipping tequila, not merely a liquid to be tossed back, shot after shot, until you reach that booze-induced state of drunkenness that gives tequila such a bad reputation, but a real classy drink.

So, snow or no snow, winter or summer, this is a drink that can be enjoyed anytime!

A quick note to my blogger friends out there....I am enjoying all of your posts! There is no better time to get caught up on all the incredible dishes you are creating than during those 3 AM feeds with Mateo. As I am not a fan of the one handed 'hunt and peck' typing system, I am not leaving comments, but do know that I am reading!

Classic Margarita

1 shot good-quality tequila
1/2 shot Triple Sec

1 shot freshly squeezed lime juice

1/2 shot simple syrup

kosher salt

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until well chilled.
Rub the rim of a margarita glass with lime and dip in kosher salt to rim the glass. Strain contents of shaker into the glass and serve at once.


PheMom said...

I know just what you mean about late night feedings and blog reading! I'm in the same boat. Mateo is beautiful.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Fit the blogging in when you can Aimee..and just think you can actually get close to the computer screen and tie your shoes too:D Enjoy ever moment with those dear little ones:D

RecipeGirl said...

Busy mom that you are- blog when the mood strikes you! I made margaritas yesterday too! I still remember my first glass of wine after delivering my son. Heaven!

Peter M said...

Ahhh, the taste of alcohol...almost like mother's milk! lol

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Lovely margarita!

I remember that joy of food freedom. I seem to recall almost od'ing on Brie one night not long after my son was born. And oh, that first glass of wine... :)

Hit Pay Dirt said...

All of you are deterring me from the nine months of deprivation I had hoped to enter. My husband is going to be ticked when I tell him I've decided to forego pregnancy for margaritas!

Lynda said...

I am with 'hit pay dirt' - margaritas or another baby... margaritas or another baby ...

margaritas win hands down today!

Like your style Aimee -

winedeb said...

I raise a glass back to you Aimee as the Margarita is the official drink of Key West !!!! Perfect way to honor the arrival of Mateo!

David Hall said...

Enjoy every minute of it! My brother makes a margharita that blows your head off. Your little fella looks beautiful - congrats again!

David x

Marie Rayner said...

Mmm...Margaritas. I love them! I wish I had been able to read blogs when I was nursing all my babies. There was nothing back then to keep me awake near as exciting as reading blogs!

Anonymous said...

Wish we were there to toss one back with you and Danny, A. XXOO

Shayne said...

yum, yum even with all this snow on the ground this looks like it will hit the spot.

Sandy said...


Cookie baker Lynn said...

Perfect way to celebrate regaining control of your body. I love a good margarita.

kickpleat said...

your baby is beautiful, congratulations!! and i'll bet that margarita tastes all the better with all that waiting you had to do. hooray!!

Emily said...

You go girl! Drink away!

Leah said...

Margaritas on a Monday? I love it! I'm bookmarking your blog as anyone who drinks tequila on Monday is definitely a friend of mine. :-) Congrats on your beautiful baby boy -- here's wishing you a little sleep too!

BellyWoman's Rant said...

Every time I read your blog, I'm convinced that we live wayyyyy to far apart! Margaritas are my fave mixed beverage, scratch that, my favorite drink. Period. Next time we see each other, I'll buy all the goods put you to work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your newborn :) Love Margaritas.

After 9 months, fresh oyster, sashmi, sushi and cheese taste so good. hehehe


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