Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Garden Update 4

Things are not looking so good in the vegetable patch, people; it’s downright ugly out there. Don't be fooled by these photos, someone has taken my cute little kitchen garden and replaced it with a mucky, rotting mess of weeds.

The rain did Not. Let. UP. in August and the water just pooled in my clay soil, rotting the garlic and tomato plants. Fortunately the tomatoes still ripened like crazy, giving us plenty of filling for our daily toasted tomato sandwiches for our weekday lunches, but they are mostly finished now.

As you can see, we have been harvesting something other than tons of weeds, but nothing in mass amounts. Carrots are sweet and prolific enough. Noah has learned to harvest his own and wash them off in the bucket of rainwater for an outdoor snack. Watching him munch on them is reward enough for all the work that a garden requires.

For all the people who told me I couldn't grow corn: it was amazingly sweet and did very well. I'll double my planting next year, since I found myself sharing the crop 50/50 with the squirrels. Ever watch a fat squirrel try to negotiate along a skinny fence with a half-gnawed corn cob in it mouth? Hilarious.

The pumpkins are more than just fraternizing with the potato patch, they have moved in and redecorated. If I had known two plants would spread around a ten-foot radius, I might have reconsidered, but the pumpkins are starting to take on a cheery orange color and look just too pretty peeking out from the foliage for me to overly complain.

It hasn't been hot enough for the peppers, each of my three plants have been working on producing one pepper each all summer long and with that kind of productivity, it's going to be straight to the compost for them; do not pass the kitchen, do not collect two hundred dollars.

Yellow beets are taking their time, but sure look pretty.

A big thanks to everyone who has responded so far to my spice kit giveaway and sent happy birthday wishes this way. I'm touched by all your kind words, encouragement, and support.
Thanks for reading!

PS: If you haven't left a comment in the post below yet, you still have until Saturday to do so and your name will be entered in the draw!


Emily said...

Wow! 172! Way to go.

Noah sounds cute with his carrots.

Is that a black cat I spy in the garden?

LyB said...

You grew corn! Good for you. Too bad about this rainy summer we got, but still, you've got some great looking veggies there, lady! :)

Ingrid_3Bs said...

That's so cool that you have a garden and grow your own veggies. Though I live in Florida I don't live in an area where people grow anything other than flowers. I have an Aerogarden and it grows basic herbs. You can buy pods for it to grow other things but I haven't tried them yet.

BTW, thanks for the chance to win the spice kit!


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing, Aimee! I guess you inherited the green thumb. Cassis looks cute in the garden:)

The Pinnt's said...

I love your blog! I have stalked it for a few months now, forgive me! I am inspired by your garden. I have the perfect little patch in my yard for a vegetable garden but I have been too intimidated to do anything... I think I will dive in though! DO you have any tips for a novice gardener? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love watching my son pick his way through the garden, going from vegetable to vegetable loving all of them.....I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky as to have a child that loves his veggies? : )
your garden look gorgeous, and who cares how many weeds there are as long as the veggies taste good : )

Culinary Wannabe said...

I don't care how many weeds you have - what a freakin accomplishment! I couldn't even get one of those little fake indoor herb things to sprout anything. Good for you and Noah will absolutely cherish the memories of helping you with it!

Anonymous said...

Great looking garden ... isn't it satisfying to be able to enjoy the "fruits" (and vegetables) of your labour !!

Winning the spice kit would be nice !

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Gardening is so frustrating to me. If it's not the weather, it's the bugs. Kudos to you on getting anything to grow!

Shayne said...

I had issues with my kitchen garden too but it was because I did not water it enough and It did not get quite enough sun each day. I did have a fat squirrel steel one of my 2 Cherokee purple tomatoes. I ran out and stole the tomato from him and it was SOOOOO good, it tasted like watermelon. I will be joining the community garden next year and I am planting a whole row of Cherokee purple tomatoes.
My Daughter wanted corn, we planted 3 plant, 2 dies 1 got 2 ears, she got 1 the earwigs got the other

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Spookily we have a very similar black cat who likes to be in the veg patch, our is called Mao.

Very envious of the red tomatoes, we didn't get one this year - On the positive side we did get fab green tomato chutney. Threw away kilos of blight ridden ones. We grew corn too but too far apart so they didn't propogate properly, we've only got one cob on each. We'll know better next time.

Aimée said...

Hi Em- Yes, that's Cassis (french for Black currant), our little kitty-cat.

Hi Lyb- Thanks, it's always a learning experience.

Hi Ingrid- can grow almost anything in Florida! I would have a fruit tree or something. :)

Hi Mira- Well, that's a stretch...

Hi Pinnt's- Thanks for reading! Whew, no tips, really. I'm learning as I go!

HI Michele-You're little guy sounds so special!

Hi culinarywannabe- Thanks. I hope he remembers!

Hi Lynn- Mist of the time it is out of my hands ( weather, etc)so why stress?

Hi Shayne- Good for you! there's nothing like home grown tomatoes.

Hi Amanda- Love those black cats! he prowls the garden and suns himself while I weed.

m said...

Hey Aimee - i am leaving a comment from my car! We just left the party :). My mom has a chinese vegetable garden and this sunner she grew bitter melons and winter melons. Nice meeting you tonight!

Cheryl Arkison said...

How is it going with solids for Mateo?

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