Monday, May 31, 2010

Meatless Monday: Asparagus & Tomato Pizza with Pesto

I feel oh-so-lame telling you to go elsewhere after you've been so kind to drop by Under the High Chair, but the staples of today's Meatless Monday recipe are a still a click away.

Last week was hot, dang hot. Fortunately, I was prepared, thanks to my post on Warm Weather Batch Cooking over at Simple Bites. Both pesto and pizza dough were stashed in the freezer, making Monday's meatless option pretty obvious.

Roll dough, slather with pesto, top with mozzarella, snap a few asparagus spears on top and finish with diced fresh tomato. Cook pizza on the barbecue to help keep the house cool, plus get that charred, crusty bottom on the pizza that is so, so good.

Serve on the shady back deck, with strawberry limeade made from the first local berries and the not-very-local limes. Toss your crusts to Mr & Mrs. Mallard who flew in half-way through dinner and stayed for dessert.

Head here for the pizza dough and pesto recipes. You probably won't want to miss the Strawberry-Limeade either.

Friends, I do believe summer has arrived.


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Summer is here Aimee!!!!!

Blessed Rain said...

Love pizza, love fresh ingredients,I use smoked provolone cheese on mine. YUM!
Thank you for sharing

Gaëlle said...

Love that, because it is only with veg!

Jen said...

Sounds yummy! But summer has not arrived in Edmonton yet - lots of snow on the weekend :(

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

That looks delicious! I might have to do that one soon. :)

Melissa said...

Go elsewhere? I think not! I love your posts and as always love your pictures. Grilled pizza is so delicious!

Rachel said...

I've never grilled pizza before. Do you just plop the uncooked pizza on the grill directly? What about temp and time? I've seen some images where people had used a stone.


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