Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day (and BellaBlu giveaway winner)

Happy Mother's Day to my readers who are mamas (and I suspect quite a few of you are, considering the subject matter of this space!)

Here's hoping today is special for you all, filled with love, peace, and sunshine. I was blessed with strawberry shortcake, bacon & eggs, and coffee in bed this morning. Apparently, Noah whipped the cream by hand, which I thought was cute - and valiant.

I'm sharing my thoughts on this particularly poignant Mother's Day over at Simple Bites, plus a bunch more cute photos of Baby Clara. I'll see you over there!

Psst! We have a winner for our BellaBlu Birthing & Nursing Gown giveaway...

Congratulations to Staci A. who said:

"I would love this for our next little one. I hated everyone seeing me in the ugly hospital gown, and it seemed like people were constantly coming in my room!"
Happy Mother's Day, Staci! Enjoy the gown and best wishes for the duration of your pregnancy and the birth.

Also, a big congratulations to all the pregnant mothers who entered the giveaway. Is it just me, or is this a record spring for babies?! Here's wishing you all a beautiful birth.


Marcellina said...

What an adorable photo! Cute as!!!!
Happy Mother's day to you, too!

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