Monday, May 21, 2012

Ten Years Married

Ten years ago Danny and I tied the knot in an apple orchard with about 120 friends and family looking on. We were young, just 23, full of hopes and plans for the future.

The years since have blessed us with far more that we could have ever dreamed -three healthy children, a little urban farm, careers that we enjoy, and most of all, a love for each other that grows stronger by the day.

On Saturday (our actual anniversary) we returned to the very same orchard with our three little ones in tow. We picnicked on the grass, played tag among the trees, and reminisced over our wedding day.

Later that evening, Danny and I slipped away without the kids for a dinner on the town where we sipped champagne, slurped a dozen oysters, and speculated on what the next ten years might possibly hold. Good things, we are sure of that.

Here are a few iPhone photos from the day.

Clara gave us the very best anniversary present ever - she slept through the whole night in her own bed. This was the morning after, when she was all smiles.
We all were.

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Denise @ Creative Kitchen said...

Congratulations on 10 yrs!! Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate! Love your picnic choices....the word picnic is on my mind these days. I hope it's a summer full of picnics!

Julie said...

Aw, happy anniversary! May long weekend was ours too - not our wedding, but getting together for our first date back in -gasp- 1988. Wow. May the next 10 be just as spectacular for you!

Amy said...

What a lovely way to celebrate 10 wonderful years of marriage! And so sweet of Clara to give you both the gift of a full night's sleep as well! Congratulations, Aimee and Danny, and cheers!

Zaak Robichaud said...

Congrats to you both! It's great to have friends in our age group with happy marriages we can celebrate.

kids clothing said...

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Family Meals and Cooking Tips said...

Congratulations! Oh how fast time flies and how much can change in 10 years right? I love your picnic spread by the way - yummo.

Gwen said...

Oh my gosh, I actually got teary eyed reading this and I don't even know you! Great writing, Happy anniversary! So glad to have found your blog (through Pinterest, your pita recipe ;)

mytoesareblue said...

i found your blog though an article in 'Best Health' magazine (March/April 2012). And when I read that you and Tsh were connected, i thought i'd def check it out. Love what you've got going on for you here!!
your picnic spread was sooo dreamy. and those hot drinks looked amazing. love that you guys could celebrate an the little lady gave you a stellar gift of sleep.

Tammie Grey said...

I hope me and my (considered) husband will be married too :)

echa said...

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