Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 > 2013

Most memories start as a impersonal note on the calendar: Baby Due Date. Easter. 10th Anniversary. Photography Workshop. School Out. Blogging Conference. Birthday Dinner. Thanksgiving. Cookie Swap. Christmas...

Before you know it, you've swept through all the dates, snapped the photos, kept the mementos, and these moments are threaded together to make a full year of memories.

The uncomfortable bits - like labor, humidity, and waiting in line - tend to fade away, and the really important parts, such as holding one's teeny newborn girl, are recalled as clearly as the day they took place.

At the start of a new year, it is as important to look at where we've come from, as it is to project where we'd like to go. I've been doing plenty of both this week, as we step out of holiday mode, and back into routine.

Here's a short look back on some of my favorite holiday moments (all iPhone images). This year seemed extra special for some reason. Maybe it was the drifts of powder (I adore a white Christmas), or maybe because it was Clara's first Christmas and that is just magical.

The wrapping is always far more interesting than the actual gifts when you are 9 months old.

You go ahead and slurp oysters, I'm just fine over herewith my felt food and Trumpette Mary Janes socks.

Mmm. Oysters.

A new generation of snow bunnies, sporting hand knit woollies from the Wimbush aunties and Nana.

Christmas Day, 2012. I love them so much.

Oh and ties from The Pleated Poppy? Adore.

An outing to the Nutcracker ballet with Noah.  He later described the ballerinas as 'scrumptious'. Heaven help us in ten years.

What else to do when you are snowed in? With homemade gingerbread, this template, and help together with homemade marshmallow fluff.

Christmas morning. Overnight cinnamon rolls, peach preserves, fruit, and Prosecco. (Should I post this cinnamon roll recipe? It's amazing.)

The cookies were beautiful this year. Not too rich or gooey. Perfect with tea.

The canine cousins came for a stay and whipped the boys through the snow on a sled. Talk about a thrill.

Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year and the very best for 2013.


Terri D said...

Awesome photos! What fun you all had! Thanks so much for sharing your holiday memories!!

Katrina W. said...

Yes, please, on the Cinnamon Roll recipe! ;o)

Happy New Year!

Sharon said...

Of course you should post the cinnamon rolls recipe.... is there any doubt! :) I LOVE cinnamon rolls.

Wish we had that much pretty white snow.

frost said...

are those pancakes?:D

LittleMissQWERTY said...

Cinnamon rolls. I'm hungry at the thought.

I just love the smell of cinnamony baked goods :D

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